What are packing cubes?

4 ks plus logoWhat are packing cubes?

Ever since airlines have become increasingly disinterested in the needs of travelers and increasingly interested in packing as many of us onto airplanes as is physically possible, the fees and limitations associated with how much luggage you can bring along with you and how much space it can take up have become more and more stringent. As a result, travelers have been forced to become creative and crafty in their packing methods, and out of this forced ingenuity have risen new tools in bag-stuffing known as packing cubes / packing squares.

Packing cubes are small, lightweight bags of various sizes, often with a see-through mesh window, that can be used to stuff your critical travel items into organized and dedicated sections of your bag. In theory, these cubes allow you to get more into your luggage without sacrificing organization by fragmenting your bag space into smaller, stackable bags.

Packing cubes were born as a natural extension for those travelers who generally stayed organized by using ziplock bags as dividers and organizers for their travel needs— cubes / squares arrived as a more dedicated, durable alternative to these often flimsy solutions and some of them are Eco-friendly. The name packing cube / square, though originally used to describe the geometric design of many original solutions of this type, has come to be a widely-used term for a diverse range of packing solutions as variations on the original shape have emerged. Since they’ve begun gaining popularity, packing aides have divided frequent travelers who feel very strongly about either their benefits or drawbacks. Proponents believe that they can allow you to get way more into your carry-on or checked bags and make living from a suitcase a less stressful and more organized endeavor.

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